Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I was quite privileged to be hailed the winner for 
Dollface Cosmetics contest 
How to be a Dollface Girl which was hosted by beauty blogger
If you wanna see my video entry click here
for my blog post click here

Yesterday, I picked up the prizes that i have won.
It's such an amazing feeling to finally see in-flesh the fruits of your labor.
I know very well it's very hard to earn and how easy it is to spend it.
Having those things on my hands felt really good.
It's important to reward yourself once and a while because it encourages you to work harder.
Anyway, i would like to say a BIG thank you to 
Pearl Sarcauga, the owner of 
Dollface Cosmetics for giving out these lovely prizes.
Check out Dollface Cosmetics Official Site and enjoy shopping!

Here are the prizes i got.

the colors are FANTASTIC. they couldn't have given me better colors.
GORGEOUS! i love it.
check out this product here 

This is i think a new product from Dollface.
This is basically a single concealer in the shade 3.
This is HUGE for a concealer. There is a lot of product.
I haven't seen this on the official site but maybe they'll update soon. 
First hand look! LOL

By far my favorite item out of the bunch.
There's blush and contour in one palette.
if you do free-lance work, this is HEAVEN i tell ya.
saves loads of space in your case or kit.
check it out on their official site here

This is their shimmering palette.
Beautiful colors both warms and cool.
shimmers are finding its way back to the main stream fashion.
this is perfect for the holidays.
Cannot wait to use them for a tutorial soon :)
check this out in the site here

A 15 pc palette for the lips. again, GORGEOUS really.
This makes me want to buy all of Dollfaces' products.
absolutely affordable yet chic.
check them out here

Lastly, this pink 12 pc pink brush set.
This one is for my sister. i decided to give it to her because she is in badly need of this one.
plus its pink, she likes pink. LOL

another new upgrade! this time the brushes already have a signature making them authentically DOLLFACE.
i love how they already customized this. Beautiful!
check 'em out here

These prizes are just pure bliss. Thank you again to Pearl, to everyone who have supported and of course, to God who has all the glory.
Check out Dollface Cosmetics and grab yourself or a friend or family member goodies that wont disappoint! 

Thank you guys!



  1. hope you make a new tutorial using those products .. ;))

  2. hope u can use those products in your next tutorial ..

  3. i'm planing to actually :) i have to set a date. keep an eye out! :)

  4. congrats to you!! followed you blog dear!! stay pretty!!!

  5. thank you dear! :)

    get on joice! :)) its amazing other word would be best to describe it :) nice to see your comment haha

  6. sayang, i just bought the 12 pc. pink brush set kaso wala pang label :( -iris

  7. hello iris! awww too bad. dont worry its still a DF product whether or not it has that label :))

  8. Insanely jealous! Everything looks pretty! Can't wait to see you make a tutorial out of them!

    BTW. I subscribed to you about a couple of months ago and I love love love your vids! You're now one of my favourite gurus evarr!


  9. hey alex! i know right? totally gorgeous palettes. cant wait to use them :) awww arent you the sweetest thing. thank you! :)


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