Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FOTD, again ★

So, i went to class this afternoon and had to endure the intense heat of the day. When i got to the classroom and a few minutes after arriving, the teacher was absent. DANG! i could've stayed at home and slept. goodness! but anyway, i decided to do my face and outfit of the day because its wash day! YEY!
FYI wash days are the only time of the week we can wear civilian clothing.

alright, let's get started with the FACE!

I just used a tiny amount of foundation on areas i needed a little more coverage.
After, i set it with powder. I went for a bolder eye since everything is so simple. to top it all off, you can never go wrong with NUDE lips. FYI i also like nude lips as much as red ones *wink

very fresh and delightful! LOL

i simply LOVE my new SHO-ES! LOL
these are called ESPADRILLES :). sorry i did not pronounce it correctly on the video.
their the hotness now a days but i didnt buy it because everyone is. This is extremely comfortable! which is what i always look for when choosing sho-es :))

if you are interested you can buy from my dear classmate, Jonathan. click here!

next, OUTFIT!

oopps! my ID LOL so ready for school.
anyway, i wanted to wear a shirt today because its VERY HOT!
i had a boyfriend jacket on but the heat is unbearable.
so, i chose to wear this instead.
my bag is from DKNY but its not mine, its my moms :))
Do i look okay with long hair?
the extensions i have are real human hair.
their not heavy at all and they are actually the SAME color with my natural hair. crazy!


anyhoo, gotta go eat snacks now. nomnomnom
have a great day ahead

BTW, don't forget to see the video entry. thanks!

xx NOE


  1. i love the shoes!!! and i checked the site, i'm going to buy one!!! i love them OMG haha

  2. go joice! its totally worth it :) glad you like it too


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