Thursday, December 23, 2010

Etude House' Dr. Lash Ampule Long & Volume

I am a sucker for long and voluminous lashes. Girls, in general, want longer and fuller looking lashes. Mascaras are known to do that too but i think it gets too heavy. i'd rather go for the natural option. Since i was not born with long lashes, i wanted to grow them! then i found this little guy right here from Etude House.
They say its very effective and i wanted to give it a go. Who knows right?

So here's the box!
Beautiful packaging right? wait till you see whats inside.

It comes with 2 tubes; one (the smaller one) is applied at night and the taller one is for daily use.
it also comes in a manual type pamphlet that's in korean and i do NOT understand one bit of it and this measuring apparatus to keep track of your lashes' growth.
beautiful packaging right? i cannot get over it.

this is the wand for the tube you use at night.
this makes the magic happen :)

i sure hope these babies work! LOL

Before shots of my lashes.
see how thin and short they are? please do pardon me if this looks disturbing to you.

Here's my measurement prior to using the product.
Keeping my fingers crossed!

I will get back with all of you on how this product turns out. I'll give it a month in order for me to actually see results. See you in a month for the follow-up entry for this! 


xx NOE 


  1. sana gumana ito.. hehe i will definitely buy if it works for you

  2. I also have thin and short lashes,but since I had been using the Loreal Renewal Lash Serum my lashes are longer and healthier! :D

  3. How much is this?

  4. Hi,.i just newly made my own Blogspot,.and when i saw this Blog,.i was really intrigue on what it can do,.because i'm also a Big Fan of Etude House, and since were both Cebuanas we know where to find its Boutique here in Cebu,.hehe,.=)
    And i'm hoping it would work,.worthy of a P900.00 or something,.
    because i will deffinitely buy one of this,.
    Hope to hear mOre about its Effect,.

  5. Hi,.
    i'm a Big Fan of Etude House,.
    and i made my very own first blog site,.ofcourse to explore, share, and learn to the other Bloggers about der experience using lots and different products,.
    And since i'm also a Cebuana and we both know where to find Etude House boutique here in Cebu,.
    I'm also hoping this Product works well..and worthy of a P900.00,.am i right?

  6. So it's already 2012! :) Would love to hear the results! How was it??:) Thank you!


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