Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's Talk Lashes: Feathered, Synthetic and Buttom

I am a total sucker for lashes. They make a huge difference with your whole look. The Longer Fuller the  lashes, the closer to Heaven! just kidding. It's just an expression. 

Last Saturday, Me and my brother went to a new shopping mall here in Cebu named APM. It is right across SM Cebu. The "edge" that this particular mall has is its shops. The stores that they have there are from the Downtown area. And if you are not aware, Downtown is the place to go to get discount on amazing products and get value for your money. They have all types of stores there from cosmetics to retail. I stumbled across a store named MCR COMPANY that had colorful wigs displayed. That was a green light for me that there are cosmetic apparel there. And yes, i was right.

The store sells all sorts of cosmetic and beauty related goodies from equipments for salons to single eye-lash extensions. They even have traincases available. 

BTW, If you wanna ask me for more details about the goodies they sell, please do contact me for more information

These are the lovely goodies that i bought! 


I have no idea where these guys are made but it's definitely not from HERE LOL
What i know is that they are the NO. 005.
Priced @ Php 250

I was expecting them to be a lot fuller but they turned out to be quite sparse. But then, i figured that it would be too "hooded" if they were full on. So, this will do just fine.

Next pair of lashes are these bottom one's from N.Y.C.

I was quite surprised to find this type of brand there. Totally not expected but that's the beauty of downtown goodies, you never know what you might find.
These are the 974A bottom lashes from N.Y.C.
Priced @ Php 75

i wore them on my SINULOG MARDI GRAS LOOK
aren't they pretty?

Next! These lovely lashes are very very special because they will be one of my prizes for my upcoming giveaway contest which i will be announcing very soon.

These lashes are quite similar to the box that i sent Say for Christmas. The only difference is that it's another brand and the lashes appear fuller. If you love wearing fun full lashes, you will definitely want this.
Priced @ Php 180

here are all the wonderful lashes :D

 Lastly, a NON-LASH product, my ROCKSTAR KABUKI BRUSH :D
 Isn't it a wonderful sight to behold? LOL
This HUGE brush is made up of sable hair (according to the sales lady). it's quite soft and plus it picks up product way better than the synthetic one i raved about last time, the one from Metro Ayala.
The little rhinestones at the bottom part caught my attention. the stones add a little dash of glamour to the brush and not making it too dull.
Priced @ 200

see how dense it it? crazy, i know.

 Here are my two favorite powder brushes. See how much bigger the black one it? It clearly has more hair.

pure BLISS :D

I hope this was helpful to you and that you also found this quite informative. Thank you guys for all your support. May God shower you with graces for your kindness :D

Questions? Comments? Leave them below.

Ciao! :D


  1. i so want the brush.. ang laki niya and the 10 pcs lashes.. wahhh.. bakit kasi walang ganyan dito sa manila.. :C

  2. Join my contest! :D malay mo, you can win those lashes.

  3. where did you bought that lashes? ( the black one) super love it.

  4. hi!! this post is really helpful. :D the kabuki brush seems awesome! i agree with donnarence. i'm also having a contest on my blog. i hope you can join. ^^

  5. Omygosh, where did you buy those lashes??

  6. these are great products, thanks for sharing.

  7. AsianBeautyx89 & Janica Buhain all the info is in the first paragraphs :D

    sugar sugar i already joined! :D

  8. hi Noe,request ko sana make up tutorial with your fringe on,when you made the contest video.

  9. Hi, Noe. Just wanna ask if there are many NYC products there. Cebuana here as well. :)) I love the packaging of that kabuki brush. Nakaka attract. XD

  10. i agree, the kabuki brush is just divine! :) i have not seen a lot of products from NYC here though. just a couple of knick-knacks here and there

  11. where did you buy those lashes in 10 sets for 180???

    thats what im looking for, im tired of buying a pair, i need those.


  12. those lashes can be sold online?? thanks

  13. Hi Mayla, i dont know who sells them online. But i can buy them for you if you want. send me an e-mail here


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