Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bridal Makeup: Kristine Hermosa ❧

I am a major sucker for weddings. Even though it's a gig or if im not an immediate family member to the couple, i  feel as though i'm the one getting married. One thing leads to another, i day dream about MY own wedding. But, let's not get into that. 

Here's another BRIDAL MAKEUP for all of you. This is not exclusively for brides but for anyone to be exact. If you want to look glowing and simply beautiful, this is a look for you.

Here are a few photo's that i used for inspiration. Most of them are screencaps i took and others are from google.

here are the lovely newly weds. Kristine looking exquisite, as always.

Her gown was designed by Edwin Tan

Here's my take on Kristines' look. I have to say i do NOT look anything like her. This look was inspired by her. Just so we get that out of the way.


I tried on my new contacts with the look and surprisingly, the color suits me :) but if you beg to differ please do tell me so i'd know :D

With flash.
I am a bit "toasted" in this photo because no. 1: the setting was in vivid and 2: i was under the heat of the sun for my soccer baseball game last saturday.

LA Colors Liquid Makeup in Buff
Maybelline Clear and Smooth powder in Honey
Dollface Cosmetics Concealer palette
The Balm Time Balm concealer

Dollface Cosmetics 96 color palette
Fashion 21 color set
Clinique eyeshadow in Buttermilk
L'oreal Linuer intense liquid liner
Maybelline Magnum Volume express in black
False Lashes


Carmex lip balm
Ever bilena matte lipstick in MAUVEY

I hope this tutorial will surely make you the most beautiful bride in the whole universe. But if you're planning to  get married just yet, may you be the most blushing woman in the whole world :)

Please do comment below if you have anything to say. I'd gladly appreciate it :)

God bless and Stay safe!

with lots of love,

watch the tutorial here! :D


  1. Is she full Filipino? I really want to do a bridal look for youtube too!

  2. The blue one looks better on you... This pair of contacts doesnt look natural.'re still pretty anyway regardless of your eye color :)

  3. You're so pretty!love everything about the look!

  4. what exactly is a soccer baseball game?

    can you do a remake on kristine's make up during their prenup shoot. they have wonderful photos over at nelwin uy's site

  5. Hi amanda :) thank you!

    Soccer baseball is a game thats very similar to baseball but your actually using a soccer ball for pitching. i'll consider it thanks

  6. I was really happen to find your blog. Because you're using products that are locally available here in our country. Any follower of yours can surely get the look that they want because of the availability of the products that you have used.
    Thank you.. :)

  7. hi I can't open your video tutorial :(

  8. hi I love your eyebrows thanks for the tutorial but I can't view the video for the make up application. :(


Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

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