Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FOTD! ★ Going Corporate

I'm back! this time, it's another FOTD ( Face & Outfit of the Day) entry.
This entry is quite special since the outfit that i wore today was a bit unusual for me because i do NOT wear this on a regular basis. Today, we were asked to wear a formal or coporate attire for our subject. being me, i wanted to look my best so i went and got some pieces and basically, made a whole look from it. 

But before we get a little carried away with the outfit, Here is my LOOK :)

Simple and sweet best describes my look. I wanted everything to be polished and well-kept. The skin was also the highlight of the look. I only used a bit of moisturizer and concealer. The brows, of course, is a tad thicker than my usual shape. I'll be posting a new video for brows soon just so you would know how to get fuller brows. I decided to part my hair in the middle and straighten it just to finish the whole look.

Products used:
MYRA E Daily Moisturizer
Rimmel Recover Concealer
Estee Lauder blush in Pink Rose
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey
L'oreal Lineur intense liquid liner


This is the unfinished look. As you can see, i am bare foot! LOL I'm showing you this because i wanted you to see that this can be a look in itself. No fancy blazers or jackets needed. It really makes you look like a PRO.

and here is the whole look! It's very polished, clean and elegant. People can really trust your expertise when you look very appealing. I got this style from a KOREAN site that had corporate attire designs. The look is very trendy also because i feel it's looking like Roberto Cavalli-ish. I JUST LOVE IT, don't you? :)

That's my look for today guys!
See you again in the next one. Stay Beautiful!


  1. wow! nice pumps. where did you bought it?

  2. I love going corporate! lol. One advice though! If you are going to wear heels with your pants, it's better if your pants are longer.

  3. Hi Misha, i bought from People are People

    Hi Louise, thank you! i actually wanted the pants to be shorter. as i said above, it was from a korean catalog. i found it chic and unique for the pants to be a tad short. but again, thank you for ur suggestion

  4. okay naman yung pants ah. ganda nga :)San pong korean catalog ka nag browse? and Noe, can you do a makeup tutorial for downturned eyes?please! ....

  5. I agree with Louise.

  6. love your make-up...u look so korean-ish~ on the 1st photo...=)


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