Wednesday, February 16, 2011


It's a very beautiful Wednesday for me since it's CAS (College of Arts and Sciences) Week in our University and classes are being suspended due to the activities that students need to attend. Again, what a wonderful WASH DAY! 

That's basically why i did a FOTD entry! also, i miss doing them. 
Here's my Face Of The Day!
no outfit since i forgot to take pictures! :D

nothing fancy for today. I chose LIPS and BROWS, as usual! i guess you noticed already how obsessed i am with brows :)) But a good obsession, not the really disturbing ones. My brows, if you can tell, are fuller than my usual sexy swept shape. I did this because i found that i look better with thicker brows. Tell me what you think maybe i'm only hallucinating when i said they looked good on me :) also, my brows look very drawn in because i have really thin brow hairs and i don't really know what to do with them.

Myra E Daily Protect Moisturizer 
IN2IT Brow Cake
Rimmel Recover Concealer in Soft Beige
Maybelline Clear and smooth pressed powder in Honey
Nichido lip liner in  Blaze
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Scarlet

HEADS UP! on EB Matte Lipsticks. grab as much as you can because they'll be faced out and be replaced with Php 230-ish matte lipsticks! They're priced at Php 99 only! The promo is only until the end of this month i guess and bye bye matte lipstick. better grab loads! :D

More pictures! 

I just woke up here btw :D

LOVE LOVE LOVE the lips!

Thank you for reading this! I hope this was helpful in some way.
'Till the next one!
Stay Safe!


  1. soooo pretty and killer it!

  2. I think you look good with fuller brows. How you've filled them is really good, looked all natural. :) and thinner brows just makes people look older. Btw, love the lipstick shade!!

  3. Hey Amanda! thank you! i love them too.

    Hi Rebekkah, yes the brows are a killer :)

    Rachtanjuakio, thats exactly what i'm going for! looking young. who doesn't love that!

  4. You always have pretty brows! =)

  5. hi, new to the site, thanks.


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