Thursday, February 3, 2011

TVD: Anna Tutorial

Hi, my name is Noe and I'm obsessed with the Vampire Diaries.
I'm damn proud of it!

Why is this show totally freaking awesome!? Why oh why?!?
Oh, and Damon Salvatore honey, please be mine!

Enough with that TVD talk it seriously scares people off LOL! anyway, i decided to make a new series for my channel! and as obvious as it is already it's about THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. If you are not aware of TVD, it's basically a show you NEED to watch. I highly recommend it with flying colors!!

To start my series off, i decided to do Anna's everyday/most-of-the-time look. She is a vampire who just wanted to see her momma again. She ,unfortunately, died at the end of season 1. But i do hope she comes back from the dead in some wicked magical thingy way. 

Here's the inspirational photos

isn't she just gorge?! the actress who played Anna is Malrese Jow and starred in UNFABULOUS. Which was my favorite show way back in the day. wow, am i that old already?

The look is perfect for everyday i should say. Pardon the eye bags, i am at war with sleep.

Celeteque Facial Moisturizer
LA Colors Liquid Makeup Foundation in Buff
Fanny Serrano powder in Chino
The Balm time balm concealer in Light/Medium

In2IT Brow cake 
Maybelline Magnum Volume mascara in black

LUXE Kabuki brush from CHARM 

Lip pencil Nichido in Rosette 04
Nichido lip stain

I have a good feeling this will be the beginning of a wonderful series. If you have any requests please do tell me so and maybe we can work something out.

 Long Live TVD Fans! :D
Here's the tutorial


  1. Please do a Pretty Little Liars-inspired look! I think you'll enjoy that too. :)

  2. i wanted to see all your tutorials but they seem to be private on youtube :/


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