Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Little Talk about DRAG

Just this afternoon, I had another chance to have a little talk and demo with a class about Special FX makeup. If you have read my earlier blog about me giving a talk, this one is from the same teacher, Mr. Robert Cabardo. I was closer this time to my audience since we were situated comfortably in a classroom. Which I totally prefer than an auditorium. 

Basically, i gave them a few tidbits and what-nots about special FX makeup. I also showed them pictures of before and after shots and how makeup can do wonders to anyones face. Sir Robert told me earlier he wants one of his students to actually have a make-over. So, i decided to do DRAG since it's part of the special effects family. I asked any willing volunteer from the class and true enough, a brave soul stood up confidently saying he wants to be my subject. He was a doll to work with. very funny but at the same time, he loved being made up on. As i was doing his transformation, i added a few tricks that i know when doing drag. The class was very attentive and even participative. I loved every second of my stay there. 

When i was done with my volunteers makeup, they were just in utter awe. I explained to them that makeup can be very powerful if you know how to use it. They also asked me a few more questions after and i was very much willing to answer all of them.

This is a photo of the whole class. The picture is crappy, I know. I forgot to bring my camera.

The fabulous DIVA all the way to the right is the lovely volunteer who was brave enough and with his classmates who are such darlings for giving me these lovely tokens.


Here's me receiving those lovely gifts. As you can tell through my facial expression, i was indeed having a great time with them.

We just loved taking pictures. :D

I would like to send my warmest thank you's to Sir Robert for trusting m and my skills and for believing in what i can do, for the entire class for making me feel right at home and also for listening to my rants and blabber. It was another beautiful experience i shall treasure all my life.

Thank you to you too for your support! :D
May God bless you and reward you for your kindness and generosity.


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  1. Thanks, too, for sharing us your expertise in basic makeup techniques and hopefully, advanced techniques. I was inspired because I was once a stage performer. And until now, my heart is still in stage performing. At least I have a few things to ponder about basic makeup techniques. Thanks so much.


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