Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jessica Alba Inspired Look for Mariel

Today, I had the privilege of doing my close friend's hair and makeup for her PROM. We have known each other since highschool and it was a bit surreal for me to be actually there doing her makeup. Who would ever thought right?

Here's how she looked! 

Ever since high school, She loved Jessica Alba. I figured since her hair is slightly lighter, a Jessica Alba look would ver much suit her. And it did! 

She wanted big beautiful bouncing curls to finish her makeup. So, i set her hair to thicker pieces to achieve just that and sprayed volumizing spray on her entire hair just before curling. Viola! Big curls no girl can resist.

I didn't want to go darker on her eyes since her dress is quite dark already and also, it's very common to see smokey eyes during the night. I wanted her beauty to stand out.

AND! Her brows where, by far, the easiest pair to work with. They were already naturally shaped. 

The Artist and the masterpiece :) I had to wear a cardigan on since it was freakishly cold that day when it started out bright and shiny. Oh well.

On the left is another close friend of mine who happens to be a school mate of Mariel, Alex. They were in the same hotel room getting ready. Sadly, I wasn't the MUA Alex booked. But anyway, the MUA did a very good job as well. 

Thank you Guys!
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Catch y'all later!


  1. Hi Noe, I soooo love your brows. how do u do that? And i thought you can only do it for urself but i noticed the girls, you really change it and its just so amazing. some tips pls? I have liked u in FB, u can drop me a msg there, the name is Glazel Pett Espejon.

    Looking forward to hear from you :)

  2. Hi Amanda! Thank you so much :)

    Hello Pett, thanks dear :) i actually have a tutorial for that if you want to know how to do this all the tips and tricks are there :) Thank you!

  3. She looked super great! :)

  4. @noe: gawdd u look so pretty w/o makeup ! featured u on my blog here it is :

  5. You look great! Are you wearing contact lenses?
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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