Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's Wednesday! You all know what that means, WASH DAY!
it's the only time of the week that i can show you what my outfit is that day since we have school informs.Today's look was inspired by SPRING TIME!

I kept my face very simple. Only wore moisturizer and concealer (i'd die if i dont put concealer on these days LOL) I added a rosy blush on my cheeks and dabbed on Chapstick on my lips. And, that's it! I also parted my hair in the middle just for the heck of it. Does it look okay?

For my outfit, I wore a beautiful old rose blouse and a blazer on top, light-washed jeans and brown sandals. Comfort is KEY :)

As for accessories, i had on my favorite watch! my  red casio BABY-G and a couple of bracelets that were given by Tracy! :) super cute!

That's my look today!
I hope you enjoyed this entry. 
Leave me a comment below and tell what you think!

Bye for now!

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  1. your so Pretty! Love the look


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