Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: Geo Magic Circle Lense BC-101 (Dolly Brown)

I bought these lenses from an Online Shop in Facebook named 
click on the link above to go to their shop!
The really neat thing about these lenses is that i got it on S-A-L-E. The seller told me it was the last pair in stock and decided to make it a sale item. 
YEY for me!
instead of Php 780, i got it for Php 500 only!!

This is the bag that i received. You can really see the amount of effort the seller put into this cute red bag.

Inside the cute bag you will find several things.

1. A small brown envelop containing the jar where the lenses are placed
2. A free all-in-one solution that I never use
3. This is a token given to first time buyers which is very very cute and sweet.
4. Free case
5. A pamphlet from GEO LENSES
6. A pamphlet of the shop containing other lenses they are selling.

Here are the lenses still inside their jars.


Comfort wise, the lenses are really soft. You can even hardly tell they are there. Vision wise, the best lenses i have used so far. I can see clearly even on my peripheral vision which is a major concern for me with other lenses. I'm so glad this will last me year. This would really be handy for me especially if there are special events and such.


If you are planning to buy new lenses and/or looking for a good pair , I highly recommend this one!

See, the lenses are really pretty :D

'Till the next review guys!
See ya!


  1. cute lenses... and love the way how the seller pack the lens

  2. That is soo nice! Wich I cud wera one, Its look so good on you:)

  3. they look good on you...I just wish I know how to put one... :)


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