Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Modern Goth Look Inspired by Simi

This tutorial is my little tribute to a character from the famous series of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dark-Hunter.
The look is a modern version of the Goth style. 

This is an official Simi Parthenopaeus Doll. She's really beautiful right? I pictured Simi exactly like this doll. 

She is very known for her pleated plaid skirt which she wears most of the time. I also adore her black wings. It's a bit of a change from the over used white ones. I'm not saying white is bad, I just prefer black.

Here's the ever amusing, clever and author of the Dark-Hunter Series, Sherrilyn Kenyon with the Simi and Ash (Simi's dad) dolls. She really looks like a real proud Mama :D

Here is my interpretation of Simi's Look which a modern take on the Goth style.

Please do excuse the background. You can totally see my towel and robe :D LOL

Here's a closer look.

The look can definitely be worn in an event. You can choose to make the lips lighter or darker if you want. It's generally very versitile.


LA Colors Foundation in Buff
Ever Bilena Pro flawless foundation in Gold
The Balm concealer in Light/Medium
Ever Bielna pro flawless powder in Soft beige

Dollface Cosmetics Warm Palette
ELF Primer and Sealer
Fashion 21 white eyeliner
Nichido mineral eye liner in Onyx

Beauty Treats lipstick in Cranberry
Nichido mineral eye liner in Onyx
Careline lipgloss in no. 6

IN2IT Brow cake
Nichido eyeliner in Brown black

Watch the video below to know how to get this look! :D

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you in a way. Please do not forget to comment below if you have any questions. Thank you guys! Have a great day ahead!

Take care!


  1. are those eos doll eyes lens? :)

  2. Very pretty look. You look mezteesa here=)

  3. Hey Tatat! They are actually Geo Lenses Vivid series :)

    Thank you Emafe :)

  4. Really great look! :) so gwapa. :)

  5. You're the prettiest Goth I've ever seen! super gorgeous sis!

  6. That is so beautiful I am Def. going to look into these series !!!!


  7. You look amazing Sis. :)


  8. Great look for Simi. I actually read the Dear Hunter series and love it. Awesome!

  9. this make up is sensational!! i love that its goth inspired yet its not overkill. how did you do the lips?

    drop by and show me some love?


  10. Hi Noe :)
    I'm a youtube subscriber and when I saw this video I pretty much died when I saw your circle lenses. They're as gorgeous as you are! I tried googling the series but I cant find them, I was wondering if you could post a link to the site where you bought yours from? I'd very much appreciate it :)
    Thank you!

  11. I watched this a few weeks back and this is my favorite look you've done. You were so in character in the intro and you were very passionate about Simi. I don't know her though.

    My fave part of this look is the two-toned lips and the eyebrows.


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