Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: EOS Lenses Super Neon Brown (G-209)

The Red Jhelli Shop gave me another pair of beautiful contact lenses to review. It was very timely because I had a school event that very day. The timing was indeed perfect. 

If you saw my post on my Facebook Page, I uploaded some pictures from that school event. 
My friends noticed that the color of the contacts were unique and that they've never seen anything like it before. Up close, It looks like you're turning into a wolf or something but it registers beautifully on camera. Amazing.

But before we go into more of that, let me introduce to you the pair of contact lenses formally.

(They come in a container like this one)

 EOS Lenses Super Neon Brown (G-209)
(please refer to the top most picture for more details)

The shop also provides your own case for your lenses.
How cool is that.

If you are wondering how to open the sealed bottles,
 I made this special illustration just for you.  

step 1: Open the white cap straight up following that arrow sign.
(if it's difficult, you might want to use pliers or scissors)

step 2: Twist the cap side-ways to remove the metal seal.
(make sure you're careful or else you can cut yourself)

step 3: Once the seal has been removed, 
you can now pop the white top cover off with ease :)



The lenses are extremely soft, no doubt about that but ,for some reason, my left eye got uncomfortable when I wore the lens. It felt like something when into my eye. But after a few minutes, my left eye, thankfully, adapted to the lens. But other than that, PERFECT

b.VISION : 5

My vision with 14 mm in diameter contact lenses is bad. I can still see but not really crystal clear. With this pair on the other hand, I have no problems as of now. Even with the lights directly hitting my face, I can still see :D 

c. COLOR: 5

It's edgy, unique and fierce. I LOVE IT!


I am not a huge fan of circle lenses but I appreciate them. They're definitely not for everyone. But I have better vision if I wear circle lenses. The bigger the better LOL

e. OVER-ALL : 4.5

I definitely recommend this to the ladies out there who like bold and edgy lenses that would symbolize their personalities. Although this may not be for everybody, but the quality is superb.

You can get this pair  and other amazing lenses at 

Special thanks to the awesome shop for sending the pair!

Here are the pictures!

Have a FABULOUS day ahead!
See you next time!

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  1. great review dear! i think the lenses look amazing on you. ;)

  2. Thank you Sugar! :D soo glad you liked it

  3. looks great on you! and btw, I love the last photo.

  4. so lovely! i wonder when will i ever get to try circle lenses... im such a late bloomer! =D

  5. does red jhelli shop delivers here in manila?

    it looks great on you! very dolly!

  6. Thank you so much Hollie dear ad Angela!

  7. Hi Sis! your review is so great! I always following your blog and watch you tutorial in youtube..

    Hope you'll follow me back :)


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