Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cleopatra's Blood Siren by Anne Lorraine Uy: BACK STORY

It's always a delight working with Anne. Just recently, she asked me to help her with her personal project- a photo story. The concept she had captured my attention because I love Cleopatra, I love everything old to be exact. Since theshoot we did was a photo story, she shared 
what she envisioned the story to be.

Anne told me that Alex's (our vivacious model) character is a descendant of Cleopatra and that she's like a modern version of the old Cleo. The locale was in a hidden beach in a small town way down south of Cebu name Aluguinsan.
The beach was amazing. White sands and blue waters. But we shot on a Sunday so there were people there.  Bur that's a different story. 

I took photos when we arrived at the beach. Isn't just beautiful. There weren't a lot of people when we arrived that's why I got a good shot of the scenery.
This beach is named Hidden Beach Resort. True to it's name it is very HIDDEN. The road going there was filled with turns. But when we got there I realized it was worth the trip.

Here's Anne and Alex at work. The lighting was perfect although excruciatingly hot at the same time. Even with that given circumstance, we all were game for anything and really didn't mind the heat much. 

This is Mia Huang of Cebuano Tours, our lovely, bubbly, cheerful Tour Coordinator. She led us to the hidden beach and surprisingly. she knows a lot about beautiful scenery's in the southern part of Cebu.I love being around Mia. She has this beautiful radiating spirit that is just so contagious. There was never a dull moment with this lady. And plus, she was our official driver! =3

We ended earlier than usual because the drive back to the city was gonna be extra long. On the way, we decided to get something cold to drink. We stopped by a Sari-Sari store near the road and bought soft drinks. So we got our drinks, which were in a bottle, and one of us asked if we get to keep the bottle or not. While we were debating, Mia was driving away from the store like nothing happened! We realized that it wasn't allowed to bring those bottles along the way. That made us laugh our butts off! And we have a photo to prove it. 

LOL moment!! =3

The whole shoot was an experience like no other thanks to these lovely people.

Check out:

Anne Lorraine Uy

Alex Lorenzaria


CEBUano Tours

I do hope I will have the chance to work with amazing people like them in the future. It's truly one of the best experience in the world.

Stay tuned for my detailed and photo-heavy post about this shoot.
Thank you everyone!

Have a FABULOUS day ahead!

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