Friday, July 29, 2011

❖Review❖: Aloha Mascara from Etude House

Aloha Mascara from Etude House 
with Henna Fix Proof 10 : Super Fix
for  P628.00

I love mascaras. It is a guilty addiction. I think I'm a pretty good critic when it comes to beauty items like this. So, let's get right to it!


Let's talk about the packaging. Oh my Lord, can they get more adorable than that? I love how Etude house is very consistent with the kind of "look" they are aiming for. It will definitely win the hearts of many women like me who are suckers for packaging. Myself included.

What's something new about this mascara that I have not seen in mascaras I have used before is the type of wand shape it has. The wand is designed so you can get volume and length at the same time. 
Which is what I tend to look for in all mascaras. 

It's definitely great for women who have short lashes like I do. The technology of the bristles and the wand really would help make the lashes thicker and longer. FABULOUS, right?

Take a closer look!

The product itself is very BLACK. It's not the kind that looks rather grayish or brownish. This is definitely straight up BLACK. Which is very good. 
Everyone loves a very black mascara!


It can get messy though so be careful both when you're applying it and removing it. Because the formula is so thick, it's just sometimes a pain to take off.


I give it a 4.5 out of 5

This mascara is divine! And I just LOVE it to pieces. But sometimes I just don't have the patience to take it off or erase my mistakes. Other than that, this product is definitely a MUST BUY!

Here's me wearing 2 coats of the mascara plus half lashes at the tip  ッ

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  1. it's the ultimate black mascara hence the name 'henna fix'

  2. Wow, I never really knew that. Thanks Anna! :)


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