Friday, August 5, 2011

"Makeup Artist of the Year" Contest Experience

I had the chance to enter a "Makeup Artist of the Year" at my university. It's a new addition to the much celebrated "CAS Words and Music" fanfare held every year where CAS ( College of Arts and Sciences ) students would show off their talents. It's also a time of the year where teachers can show case what they've got as well. The event is anticipated by everyone every school year.

The day did not start great to be honest. I woke up late and I lost the lens cap of my camera. I was just so not in the mood and to top it all of, the monthly visitor decided to show up. Great timing, right?
Anyway, I thank the Lord for my friends. They helped me get back on track and stay focused. They also were my P.A.'s for the day which was very sweet.

Before the contest proper, My beloved Professor and mentor asked me to glam up our very own working student at our department. This is Jean and she is a candidate for the show Josenian Got Talent. 
Of course, I said yes right away.
We noticed after I did her makeup and hair, she looked a lot like Sarah Geronimo (a Filipino singer).
She is just beautiful.

This is my model/teacher, Miss Flor Saldua. 
The look that I made for her is a dramatic arabic muslim-esque fierce look.
I can definitely say that I love the look.
Plus, the whole look would've not been complete without the accessories Janah (Make-up by Janz) lent me.

The costume is very colorful that is why I chose to use a single color to balance everything out. 

At the end of the show, I was very happy. I didn't expect to be THAT happy to be honest. I just was which was amazing. The feeling was incredible.
Maybe because I was at peace with everything. I was okay with everything because I know things happen for a good reason. 

You can view more photos over at my Facebook Page :)

And I couldn't have done it without my Mom. She is my bestfriend, my confidant and well, my mother. Having her there contributed to the happiness that was flowing in me. The best word to describe what I felt is overjoyed.

The whole event was a great experience. Sure, I'm not gonna lie. A part of me wanted to win but I realized that it's not all about the title, the fame and etc. I was completely and utterly satisfied with my work and those whom I trusted loved it as well. So, yes I am a winner for them and for myself. I had a lot of reasons to be happy that night and I could not ask for more. 

I have the personality to just get up and try again. And that's what I'm doing and will be doing for the rest of my life. I will have my time. I'll just have to wait for it. Right? :)

Thank you for everyone who gave their well wishes. You guys mean the world to me. So, Thank you very much and I love you all dearly.

Until the next post!
Have a fabulous day ahead.


  1. oh wow, looks like you had fun despite of the bad start of your day..still, i'd like to congratulate you for joining :)

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  3. I love what you did on the 2nd picture. The make up suites the carrier.


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