Monday, August 22, 2011

❖Review❖: TinyPinkBow's Charm Bracelet

Personalized Charm Bracelet from

Katrina from Tinypinkbow gave me this awesome girly bracelet to review. I was excited about this particular bracelet because it's personalized and you can choose what charms you want. I'm a total sucker for anything personalized. I find it adorable and sweet.

So, I chose 5 charms; a heart, butterfly, sun, cross and a starfish (or maybe it was just a star LOL). After choosing your charms, you can choose what strap you want. There are handful of choices for you to choose from. The website makes it very easy to choose your items.

I suggest you take your time in choosing and get very personal with it. Things would mean a whole lot more if you put a dash of customization. 

Please do check out Tinypinkbow Jewelry for customized and personalized jewelry for yourself or for people you love.

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  1. I'm also a sucker for personalized items. I love it if someone else would make a charm bracelet for me, so I can see how well they know me :D


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