Monday, August 15, 2011

❖Review❖: Precious Mineral BB Cream (Etude House)

Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong
#3 Sheer Glowing Skin

This is my first BB cream and I am excited to tell you how much I love this product. Let's get started with the review!

I've always been interested with BB creams but I was hesitate too because my complexion is quite complicated and BB creams tend to make your face ghastly white. But I heard good reviews about this product so I went ahead and bought myself one.

Here is the lovely product!

I have the no. 3 Sheer Glowing skin one that is intended for dryer skins. You all know I have sever problems with my oily skin and you might be wondering why I bought this particular one. This is the only shade they've got that matches my skin tone a bit. Heavy emphasis on the "a bit". 

They have the product for oily skin but it is waaayy too light for me. I love a little glow on my skin so, I decided to get it

Here are the swatches on my hand.
(please do excuse the photos. they are clearly out of focus)

◆ Easy to Blend
◆ You only need a small amount to cover your face
◆ Blends with your skin after a few hours
◆ Gives you a very "glowing" finish
◆ Smoothes out little bumps on your face in the long run
◆ Evens your complexion

Makes your face extra oily later on in the day
(if you have oily skin like I do)

It's best to apply the product with a brush of choice. I would not suggest using your fingers because the product tends to dry out faster. Setting it with powder is best especially if you have oily skin and want the product to last a bit longer.


I give it a 4.5 out of 5

This product is definitely a good BB cream. I will try out more products in the fututre. If you have products that you can recommend to me please do comment below. 

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Until the next review!
Stay happy and Healthy.
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  1. Yup it does dry out faster when you use the fingers. Must buy the ELF foundation brush. :)

  2. I tried Etude's collagen moistfull BB Cream and it was a horror. On the first day it was fine, but on the succeeding days may face began to itch and it starts to hurt if I'm washing my face. Now I have what looks like a rash on my cheeks. It's very disappointing coz I'm such a big Etude fan. I also bought a couple of sample size Precious Mineral BB Cream but I guess I won't ever try it..

  3. Hi Janinay, yes it does tend to dry faster when you use your fingers. A brush would be best :)

  4. Oh my, that's so sad to hear Angel. You definitely have a sensitive skin. better stay away from products that have collagen in them. Sometimes it can cause massive break-outs. do you still have those rashes now?

  5. This made me want to try it. But I've been eyeing the Purederm BB cream, now I'm confused which one to get...LOL

  6. hi noe! i love your tutorials. it makes girls(like me)to glam up especially with the make up you used since you often use local products. i hope you can have a make up tutorial of nina dobrev's look as elena gilbert at vampire diaries. :)

  7. yay, Etude house is one of my favorite korean brand ^^ though I've never tried their bb cream yet. thanks for reviewing this =D

  8. i am using the moistful collagen BB cream from EH and it's quite good. haven't experienced breakout. :D but i want to try this especially that latest BB cream they have which is the ALL DAY STRONG

  9. Nice review. =) I'm also using this wonderful product that's why I'm reselling it now. =) If u want to try this, just grab a sachet pack good for 5 times use, It is much cheaper. ! =) for more info try to visit my ad: thanks!

  10. Hi Noe! I've been religiously reading your articles lately and I hope you don't mind if I mention ur site in one of my blog posts. Anyways, my favorite BB cream is Missha's perfect cover BB cream-- it has perfect coverage plus a really high spf! I wrote an article about it here--
    You might want to check it out! Tnx for your great contributions to the world of beauty!

  11. "Setting it with powder is best especially if you have oily skin"

    I'm a newbie with beauty stuff :)) what kind of powder should I use? :> thanks in advance!

  12. thanks for the review. It's so helpful for me. :)



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