Monday, October 17, 2011

Anne Curtis (No Other Woman) Inspired Look

My girls and I watched the movie "No Other Woman" on its premiere night. I have to say, I did not expect the movie to be superb. It was NOT dragging compared to typical tagalog movies. The storyline was typical to be honest but it was how they showed the story that captured me. AND plus, the cast as on FIRE! seriously.

More pictures below!

Here's Janah (maricarljanah) with her Cristine Reyes recreation.
She is also a great actress as well. One of her many many talents.

FYI, I'm wearing human hair extentions here. 
And just between us, the dress I'm wearing is only a cloth I pinned with safety pins at the back. lol!


IN2IT Brow Cake
Ever bilena Ever Original Brown pencil

ELF Primer and Sealer
Henna Fix Mascara from Etude House
Dollface Cosmetics' Barenaked Palette
Nichido eye liner in ONYX

James Cooper Cream Foundation in 03
Ever Bilena mousse concealer in Pure Beige
Ever Bilena powder foundation in Soft Beige

The Balm Bahama Mama
Ever Bilena Mousse Blush in Salmon
Blush & Bronzer from ELF

Sally Hansen in Pink
Majolica Majorca Lipgloss Mini

Dollface Cosmetics 22 pc Red Handled Brush Set
Charm Essential and Pro from Beauty and Minerals

At the end of Janah's video, you'll find a trailer we made inspired by the trailer of No Other Woman. I have to say it was really fun shooting the scenes. 
Should we do more videos like that? Let me know :)

Watch Janah's Video here to get Cristine Reyes' Look

Anne Curtis' Look!

This was a really fun project with Janah. I hope we get to do more of this in the future. Enjoy the tutorial you guys and oh, don't forget to watch the end of the video for a SPECIAL treat.

Have a FABULOUS day ahead!
Ciao Ciao!


  1. asan c derek?? haha

  2. You girls are soo cute. I miss you!! :( great looks. Super carry!!

  3. both of you are very pretty!:)

  4. I watched the tow videos, you two look so beautiful talga.. Pweeedeeeee :)) hehe more videos pa sana! Really love the look. gonna try that some other time! More power to your blog Ms. Noe and Ms. Janah!

  5. LOL!! I know. Asan nga si Derek!

    Hi Isa!! :) Let's hang out soon! We'll do another back to school special for the next sem. Whatchu think? :)

    Thank you lovely ladies!! :D So happy you liked the videos we made. More to come don't worry! :)

  6. Hi Noe! Im having a hard time applying mascara on my lower lashes without smudging. There is always a smudge no matter how slowly or carefully I go. How do you do it?

  7. Hi Angel, first of all, you'll need a smudge brush. It will make your life really easy especially when you have a hard time smudging. I do hope that helps!

  8. Which means it IS normal to have a little mess while applying? Thanks! :)

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