Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Series: Gyaru Ulzzang Look

After weeks and weeks of study, I finally made my own version of a Gyaru & Ulzzang makeup look. I intended them to be meshed in one look because I find that they look best combined. The styles compliment each other so to speak.

This type of makeup look is not common here in the Philippines but is very famous in Korea, Japan and China.
This is my FIRST installment for my HALLOWEEN Series. There will be plenty more of them soon!

More Photos!

I did a little bit of tidying up in Photoshop but I did not tweak much because the look is so beautiful all by itself.

Here are close up shots.
 The one above is under natural light and the one below is with flash.
I am so LOVING glitter pigments! :D


IN2IT Brow Cake
Ever bilena Ever Original Brown pencil

ELF Primer and Sealer
Dollface Cosmetics' Barenaked Palette
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara & Gel Eye liner in Black
NYX Glitter Pigment in Disco Ball
Nichido Mineral Kohl pencil in Onyx

James Cooper Cream Foundation in 03
Ever Bilena mousse concealer in Pure Beige
Ever Bilena powder foundation in Soft Beige

Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake in Rajah
NYX Cream Blush in Red

Sally Hansen in Baby Pink

Dollface Cosmetics 22 pc Red Handled Brush Set
Charm Essential and Pro from Beauty and Minerals

Flawless Sponge from Dollface Cosmetics 

Sathura  Synthetic Wig in Brown
EOS Super Neon Brown from the Red Jhelli Shop
Lashes are from LANDMARK

To know how to get the look, watch that specially made video below! 

I hope you enjoy this video! I sure did have a lot of fun making this look.
Please do share your thoughts. I'd love to hear them! :)

Until the next one!
Have a FABULOUS day ahead!
Ciao Ciao!


  1. you're so pretty noe mae! ang galing mo pa mag-makeup!

  2. its amazing how you were always able to transform into whatever your inspiration is.. and how you make it so easy to follow.. just keep it up.. :)

  3. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!! lurve it so much!

  4. I been really loving you r blog Noe! I love the tutorials and you using local products we can reach out! I love this look. At ang ganda mo talaga. :D I super love the shape of your face :D

    and for all of that, you got a simple award from me.

  5. very very gorgeous. I love this look.

  6. you looked like nicki minaj here

  7. OMG~ This looks.. AMAZEBALLS!! Lol.

    My friend joined a pageant and I think this will look good on her during the pageant night. I'm gonna link her to this.

    Love it Noe Mae!!!

  8. i looove this look.:D after watching your youtube videos and reading you blog it got me started on my blog.:D thank you thank you!!!

    i hope to be as great as you!!

  9. you look like kim k. here :P check out my version here:

  10. Heyy~ I just saw your blog and it's awesome! But you shouldn't call yourself "simple" kasi... you know :) Ganda niyo po


Your thoughts are highly appreciated!

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