Monday, October 4, 2010

UPCOMING Halloween Looks

hey gorgeous! :)
so, today i was super psyched and geared-up for my new series this month.
you might ask why am i so excited? well, because this time all my ideas came to me.
they just popped while i was listening to music.
for me, that means a whole lot because i need to be inspired to create the look.
i get frustrated when i dont like the job i've done.
this series would be a good one. i hope :)

so, anyway my next series would be about Halloween Looks!
i have 3 pending looks already and they are fabulous!! 
i can't tell you everything though but i'll give you hints since i soo love all of you.
2 of my looks are from HIT makers of our generation.
they both exude talent and art, most especially when they perform and the kind of MV's they make.
and the other one, is another famous person that the beauty community is greatly wow-ed by.

one of the HIT makers is...

Rihanna in her music video "Te Amo"

the music video made me appreciate her a lot more because of the concept, the song and just the raw passion for the arts that she has. sad to say, the music industry is becoming more and more commercial these days just to gain more attention. which is highly profitable but for me, i'd go for the artsy side than making money.

this is such a bold DOMINATRIX look that is good for events but for halloween sake i'd make it bolder and a lot heavy.
For everyone who wants to look like rihanna or be rihanna on halloween, better watch out for this!

more screen cap!

Beautiful, isn't it? 

anyway, please do watch out for the other mystery looks that i will be doing pretty soon.
tell me your thoughts. i'd love to hear them.
catch you guys later!
have an amazing day ahead :)

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thank you!

xx noe

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