Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little Talk about Makeup

Last Thursday, i was very honored to have a little chat with my Effective Communication Teachers, Sir Robert, class about makeup. He informed me last last week after our class that he wanted me to educate his class about makeup. It was a nerve-racking and flattering experience all at the same time!

Talking in front of them was not so difficult since we were all from the same school but still, i was nervous yet in a good way.
Here are some pictures that one of my audience captured with my camera. He was so keen on taking pictures. Such a sweetheart. 

anyway, here are some of the pictures!

this was me with my lovely volunteer. I was teaching them how to achieve perfect brows.

I shared to everyone my little tricks when applying makeup. All of them were in complete shock of tricks since they never really knew it was possible. They were all sweethearts :)
Talking while applying makeup is just a nightmare for me. It wasn't very difficult but it did give me a harder time.

I was totally comfortable speaking to all of them since they gave such a positive vibe that i felt really at home :)

Here, they presented me with their lovely token which i did not expect at all.
such wonderful people really.

i received a fee which i did not expect, at all and some really cute school shirts. they gave the perfect sizes for me and i wonder why they knew my size. hmf? i wonder LOL

The whole class with our teacher, Sir Robert, who's on the far left.
They are 3rd MasCom students of my beloved Alma mater, USJ-R
Don't you just love our uniforms? we look like sailor moon!

This experience made me proud to be a Josenian. The training and up-bringing we have is quite different than other schools. The vibe these people give out is more comforting and homey. We still have competitions but its more of a healthy one. Most of the students get along and seem really easy to talk to.

Thank you Sir Robert for believing in my skills and trusting me with this event. To the lovely class who have stayed there for an hour listening to my lecture about what i love to do, thank you so much. And to the people who inspire me to keep moving forward each day, Thank you.

I do hope and pray I'll still be given loads of opportunity to share what i know.
Thank you everyone!

xx NOE


  1. you're soo cute in uniform!!!:))
    congrats! it's super fulfilling to share something you love to other girls<3

  2. i look like sailor moon with that thing! LOL thanks joice. it really is. its very flaterring too :)


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