Monday, December 27, 2010

Glitter & Smoke for the New Year ❋

i have been very minimal when in comes to my makeup these days and i figured it was time for a change. For this new years look i decided to go bold and go all the way with glitters. I am quite a fan of smokey eyes and , just recently, cute glitter eyeliners. So, i merged the two ideas together and came up with this one. It's perfect for parties and events where you want to look extra fabulous.

Here's the LOOK!

BTW, the ring is just FABULOUS right? i LOVE it!
also, i intentionally made my brows lighter just so it wont compete with the smokey eye.

I kept showing off my ring in the photos i took. what can i say, i cant get over it LOL 

Later after filming, i realized i kinda look like Jennifer Lopez o_O 
i dunno about you but am i right or right? LOLL

here's a closer look as usual :)

Fanny Serrani two-way cake in CHINO
Dollface Cosmetics concealer palette
ELF bronzer in SUN-KISSED
Dollface Cosmetics blush palette
IN2IT Brow powder for the BROWS

Elianto brown eyeshadow
Dollface Cosmetics 96 palette
Clinique eyeshadow in chocolate brown and buttermilk
Ever Bilena matte eyeshadow in CLEO
Ever Bilena cream eyeshadow in LARISSA
Maybelline magnum volume mascara

Revlon colorstay ultimate in PRIZED PEACH
LA Colors lipgloss in BEIGE DELIGHT

Please do watch the tutorial to know how to achieve this easy New Years Look.
Have a good and prosperous year ahead!
Happy NEW YEAR everybody!

with lotsa LOVE, NOE 


  1. i think your nose is perfect:) i wonder why you think it's huge. and yes you do look like J.Lo! that's what I was about to comment actually (even before reading your statement) haha! smokey eyes look good on you:))

  2. I love this, it's pretty and intense! And yeah you do kinda look like JLO!

  3. thank u miss savealittle :D

    my nose has its way of deceiving other people :)) awwee thanks joice, at least someone agrees with me :)

    hi becky! glad you liked it :)

  4. the lower lashes don't really look good. it's all clumpy and messy. you should change your mascara.

    where did you buy the ring?

  5. hi anna! so sorry to hear that but i intentionally wanted a clumpy messy look with this one. after all, it is a smokey eye. thank you for the suggestion though.

  6. btw, the ring is from a store in downtown Cebu. very inexpensive but i forgot the store name :)

  7. but it seriously doesn't look good :s smokey eyes are supposed to be sexy and sultry but i got really turned off with the clumpy lower lashes, i'm so sorry! but overall the eyes look awesome, it's just the lower lashes i got bothered about hahaha sorry :))

    i want a ring like that! i love cocktail rings:))

  8. well, that is your opinion and i respect that. we all have different tastes. i dont want to sit here and argue with u about it because it's totally unnecessary but yeah, i like my clumpy lower lashes LOL

  9. Hi, I just saw your Dollface haul and I was wondering if you can do a tutorial vid on how to contour (cheeks mostly) using the concealer palette since you said it would be a great product for that. I am planning on buying the concealer palette and since I have a med to dark skin tone I can use all the colors (mixing them) but I am really curious to see the contouring. sorry for the long comment!

  10. hi Louise, i can have that arranged for you :) but for the mean time you can watch a friend of mine who actually used the concealer palette to contour. heres the link hope that helps :)

  11. oh thanks! I just watched it! It was hard to see with the lighting though!

  12. I love all your looks! Haha! I seriously wish I had your skill and talent in make up!

    And I have the exact same ring. Haha! =)

  13. Hi Noe,

    You're my favorite Filipina guru because of your expert techniques and the variation of looks you do. It's also great how you need not use expensive and high end products to create the prettiest looks. Plus I love that you put so much effort in editing your vids. Hope you can feature more FOTDs this year. :)


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